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專為每一個項目量身定制,創造空間自身的獨特性,主張具深度韻味的設計,細膩手法以及精確的產品定位,為每一位客戶打造極高的品質及商業效益。無論從酒店、品牌餐飲、商業空間至私人住宅,希望帶給消費者不同於過往空間感受,賦予作品散發歷久彌新的優雅氣質 。​


We offer a bespoke, and creating the uniqueness of the space itself, complementing the design with decency, exquisite technique and precise product positioning, to provide high quality and commercial benefits for each customer. From branded catering to commercial space to private residences, we hope to bring consumers a different experience than the past, giving the work a timeless elegance.​

陳威任.  William Chen

建築師  Architect



Graduated from the Institute of National Chiao Tung University, William is good at interpreting design, sensibility and delicate techniques from the perspective of architecture. His pursue aesthetics and creativity for each project, tell the story of the space environment and try to find different ways of viewing things in life and create unique space experiences.

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